Someone left half a watermelon at my place from the 4th. I can’t stand eating watermelon so I tried juicing it……made almost half a gallon of juice. Geesh.

Anyone ever juiced watermelon before? Such a weird taste but kind of refreshing lol.

My new baby! I think we’re in love :)

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Came home a little late last night and drank my crack drink. You have to wait 30 minutes before working out…so by that time, the bf came home.

We both headed downstairs and I went 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 3MPH pace and 3% incline. Actually got to take photos of the stats at the end this time. 

The bf was on the bowflex the whole time I was walking, then when I was done, I went and did some weights on the other weight bench thing and did some squats and side ab work for about 15 minutes. I’ve been doing really good on food this week so far. Other than like 4 pieces of chocolates from the candy jar at work yesterday and today, I’ve been eating pretty clean and have been chugging my water like crazy.

My general meals this week:


  • Whole30 banana muffins (eggs, bananas, flax, cinnamon and psyllium husk)


  1. Apple
  2. Yogurt (not whole30)


  1. Baked swai fish or turkey (i cooked a 16 lb turkey last month and froze most of it to take out when i need)
  2. Spinach salad with almonds, parm cheese and raspberry vinaigrette


  1. Chicken breast
  2. Parm garlic green beans.
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I worked out in the new home gym last night for the 2nd time.

I set my treadmill timer for 30 minutes and started watching the first episode of the current season of The Biggest Loser. About 24 minutes into the workout I got a phone call from some craigslist people that they were outside my house ready to pick up some flooring I was selling them. So i had to hit the stop button and rush up to do that quick. 

Then i came back to the treadmill and did another 7 minutes just for good measure and then dinked on the new Bowflex for about 15 minutes, just testing out how all the different workouts work. The fact that I can do seated rows with it is amaze-balls! ;)

The fact that the gym room is setup like a gym and organized with minimal distractions really helped me focus and want to be in there.

When the bf went and bought all his winter workout supplements, he picked up this 'Amino Uptake' watermelon flavored energy drink stuff for me. I guess it’s like $40 a container when not on sale at Complete Nutrition (is that a national chain?).

Last night, I drank one scoop of it about 30 minutes before my workout and holy crap…..I had soooooo much energy the rest of the night from like 5pm to 10:30pm.

After my workout I had so much energy that I didn’t want to sit still and watch tv with him, so i went into my office and completely reorganized the closet and stuff in there. It wasn’t a jittery/person on crack kind of energy, it was just like a nice ‘let’s get some stuff done’ kind of energy. 

I took a drink of it too this morning just to see if it had the same effect in the morning and it’s about 11am right now and I’ve actually been WAY more productive at work today that I have been in a long time. Seems to keep me focused.

I’m a fan. :)

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The boyfriend and I decided to turn one of my extra bedrooms into a home gym. Nice getting the treadmill out of my living room finally.

He brought his TV when he moved in and on Sunday we went to my parent’s and borrowed their bowflex to use. Free is good!

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Forgot to post this last night. Did 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Although it was one of my main goals last week to get back into adding my food intake into MyFitnessPal, I totally flopped on that goal. so when I went in this morning and started adding my breakfast, I kinda freaked that my breakfast alone was almost 600 calories. I love me some breakfast, but that seemed like a lot when my original daily calorie goal was around 1200-1500.

So I went in and entered my meals for the rest of today (actually prepped food last night for lunches today and tomorrow and dinners for the next 5 days!). And all in all, came up to around 1,600 calories for the day. Once I get in my workout tonight, should be good. Also, upped my daily calorie goal to 1,800 for a bit.

Might actually stay full today too. Nice.

Did good on food last week, but this weekend was a complete fail. Not even going to weigh myself until next monday. Oops. Family was all in town and just generally ate like poop and too much. 

Also, my boyfriend is completely obsessed with pasta. Like for every meal. As in when we went grocery shopping the other night, he bought 10 boxes for $10…..Since last night he decided to cook for like the 2nd time ever, I let him and I ate a bowl of pasta and hamburger and red sauce he made. My stomach can’t take anymore pasta. I’m seriously sick of it. Before we started dating, I hadn’t really had any pasta in my house since I moved in 2 years ago. Lately, it seems like it fills up half my pantry.

I had to hit up Sam’s Club last night for meat and some fruit just so I could prep food for the week. 

This week’s goal: NO PASTA. :)

I wouldn’t let her eat my breakfast. She’s pouting. #englishbulldog #bulldog #bully #dog

Hello 220’s!

Down 1 Lb/day the last 2 days. Not a bad start to the week. 

Last time I saw the 220’s was Christmas eve this year just for 1 day. Otherwise it was spring 2012. Just have been hovering around the same 3 pounds up and down for a month or so now.

Brought an apple and banana to work today for my snacks. Had way too many chocolate pieces from the candy jar yesterday.

So this year after Christmas was all over, my sister posted a family picture of all of us kids on Facebook and I instantly untagged myself because I thought I looked too fat…

Just a minute ago, I got to thinking I should compare that photo to my photo that was taken the Christmas before…30 pounds heavier. 

I see quite the difference in my face. I looked a lot less bloated this year than the year before. 

The sad thing about the Christmas 2012 photo was that in Spring of 2012 I’d gotten down to 217 Lbs (13 lbs lighter than this Christmas) at one point…crazy how fast you can gain all that weight back so quick when you give up. 

Glad I got back on track in 2013, even though it wasn’t easy and the progress was slow and I backtracked a good amount at one point, I’ve managed to keep the weight off for a while now and am back on track once again and can’t wait to compare these photos to my 2014 Christmas photo. :)